Classification of RF connectors

Jun 01, 2019

The connection between the RF connector and the cable requires reliable connection and low reflection, and must be compensated to ensure performance. Today, Xiaotian tells you about the classification of RF connectors.

Here are some of the four types of structural knowledge of the RF connector:

According to the termination method and function are divided into:

1. Connector MIL-C-39012 (GJB681) with coaxial cable

2. Adapter MIL-A-55339 (GJB680) connector

3. Microstrip and stripline MIL-C-83517 (GJB976) microstrip

According to the connection interface structure is divided into:

1. Bayonet type (inner bayonet, outer bayonet)

2. Threaded (right-handed, left-handed)

3. Push-in type (in-line type, with stop type, self-locking type)

4. Flange connection

According to the use occasions and functions are divided into:

1. General purpose (level 2) general engineering application

2. Precision (0, 1) test room or test

3. Special type (radiation resistant, high pressure resistant, waterproof, etc.)

Multi-function type (including filtering, phase adjustment, mixing, attenuation, detection, limiting, etc.)

Divided by size:

1. Standard type (N, UHF...)

2. Small (BNC, TNC...)

3. Ultra-small (SMA, SMB, SMC, MCX, BMA, SAA...)

4. Micro (SSMA, SSMB, MMCX...)