Do not continue to misunderstand the RF connector

Jun 07, 2019

Friends who have used RF connectors know that it is a plug-and-play component that hasn't changed much in decades, or that installing RF connectors correctly requires little skill or knowledge; however, in fact, these are It is a misunderstanding. Physically, they may look the same year after year, but the technology is as if it were elsewhere in the RF connector.

Although more complex components (such as TX / RX modules, system components in a TX / RX path or control systems (such as OS and supporting hardware)) usually have backup or conversion schemes, RF connectors do not. If the connection goes bad, which is usually caused by improper installation, the branch may be a complete failure from a small change in VSWR to the transmission path it is in. Often it is difficult to find and correct problems, especially if the failure is subtle and related to environmental factors. They are key links between high-cost components in the RF path. Statistically, connectors account for only about 1% of the total cost of a wireless system. But it can be said that they are the most important and important components.