What is the importance of understanding connector performance metrics?

Jun 05, 2019

Connectors offer a wide range of functions in wireless systems. Some are microscopic, some are macroscopic, some are lit, some are charged, and some are RF. The RF connector will be the subject of this discussion.

The most important metric for connectors is to understand how they are connected to the system. Connectors can be integrated into various system components or individually connected to the cable at each end. In any case, every connection requires the same effort to ensure that there are no integrity holes in the installation.

Each connector type has a specific set of specifications and attributes. These are like MIL specifications, propagation delay, dielectric constant, characteristic impedance, contact resistance, frequency range, VSWR, rated voltage and more. While these specific metrics may not be of interest to every installer, each of these will affect connector performance to some extent. Therefore, a basic understanding of these indicators is essential.