Why do you need a probe?

Jun 10, 2019

RF circuit measurements are tricky due to the sensitive and often subtle nature and composition of the device under test or DUT. Concerns about reliable RF measurements often arise when the frequency is too high for the available test equipment to measure RF energy, or when it is desired to measure circuits that are sensitive to small changes in the electrical environment without destroying the frequency or amplitude.

The solution is a measurement probe that interrupts energy from the circuit as little as possible using a high impedance probe, which can include an amplifier to balance the energy utilized by the circuit, for RF circuit system testing, matching probe impedance and testing Devices are critical to efficient power transfer, and as frequency increases and tolerances become more stringent, this becomes increasingly challenging in RF testing, based on test points, frequencies or data rates that are considered for contact Various types of RF test probes are available for the probe installation free space and environmental conditions. In the near future, RF probes will need to have the ability to detect smaller pads, be able to detect multiple channels and have measurement range capacity, including multiple millimeter-wave, RF, logic and power channels.