RF Connector Operating Frequency

May 16, 2019
RF Connector Operating Frequency

The following is a brief introduction to the operating frequency and frequency of the RF connector. The power capacity of the RF connector is an important performance indicator. The problem of the power capacity of the RF connector is a very complicated problem. It is power with DC or low frequency. The transmission is completely different and there are many factors that can affect it.

1. Pinhole size: The pinhole size is related to the current capacity of the connector and is directly related to the power.

2. Voltage standing wave ratio: The reflected wave occupies the channel capacity space, resulting in a decrease in transmission power capacity.

3. Access Loss: There is a difference between input and output power due to the presence of losses.

4. Air pressure (altitude): The change in air pressure causes a change in the dielectric constant of the air segment, and the air is easily ionized to produce a corona at low pressure. The higher the altitude, the lower the air pressure and the smaller the power capacity.

5. Contact resistance: The presence of contact resistance causes the contacts to heat up, making it difficult to transmit microwave signals of higher power.

6. Frequency effect: The change of the transmission signal frequency directly leads to the change of the loss and the voltage standing wave ratio, thus affecting the transmission power capacity. There are also skin effect and so on.