PVC Electrical Vinyl Tape

PVC Electrical Vinyl Tape

PVC Backing Insulating Electrical tape provides excellent resistant to abrasion, moisture, alkalis, acids and corrosion.

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Strong technical strength, the use of scientific production management methods, and the selection of high-quality materials are the guarantee of our high-quality Fasteners, American Type Hose Clamp Free Sample, DIN Female Connector For 1/2”. We have a series of complete technological processes with advanced production and inspection capabilities. We firmly believe that we can achieve our long-term development goals by making full use of our company's own technical and comprehensive advantages and further cooperation with customers. At the same time, with a good service system, the enterprise has done the pre-sale and after-sale service work steadily, so that customers can rest assured and be free from worry.



PVC Backing Insulating Electrical tape provides excellent resistant to abrasion, moisture, alkalis, acids and corrosion. It provides an additional moisture seal for cable connectors. It also prevents loosening of connections from vibration or other external stresses which would eventually allow moisture penetration. The sealed connector is suitable for typical exposed and buried cable applications.


· Flame retardant.

· Designed with an elastic backing and an aggressive adhesive, to provide a moisture-tight electrical and mechanical protection with minimum bulk.

· Excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture, alkalis, acids, corrosion and varying weather conditions (including ultraviolet exposure).

· Designed for continuous performance at temperatures ranging from -18°C (0°F) to 105°C (220°F).


PVC insulation tape


PVC insulation tape


PVC insulation tape


PVC insulation tape


Or other dimension you request

Technical datasheet

Material description

General physical characteristics

The type of glue

Synthetic rubber

Adhesion (stripping) N/25mm to steel plate


Tensile strength N/cm




Elongation (retention)



Synthetic rubber

0.075 mm (75μm)


0.105 mm(105μm)

Withstand voltage


Amount to

0.18 mm(180μm)

Flame resistance S




Heat resistance level


Expiration date

The original packaging, since the right to hold the delivery within 12months,
in 21 ℃ (70 ℉), and 50% relative humidity environmentpreservation



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